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EQ CL30 LED Flood System Quad Controller

Legacy #: 2257357

Material/IDH#: 2257357

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


EQ CL30 LED Flood System Quad Controller

Price: $4,322.66

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Product Description

This LOCTITE®  LED Flood Quad Controller supplies power and control for up to four (4) LOCTITE® LED Flood Arrays. Choose from (365 nm wavelength, item #2139182, 380 nm wavelength, item #2139181, or 405 nm wavelength, item #2139180.) The LED Flood Array wavelength is selected according to the curing requirements of the adhesive. 

NOTE: Each of the Flood Arrays are sold separately.

This Controller has three different control modes:

  • Timer Mode: adjustable from 0 to 999 seconds. When timer is set to zero, the LED will be in a continue mode which means the LED head turns on with one click of the foot switch or input signal, and turn off with one click again.
  • Level Mode: the operator can setup intensity percentage for each channel.  
  • Advance Mode:  Operator needs to define Step, Intensity, and Time.

For a given irradiance, the exposure time required to fully cure the adhesive depends primarily on the properties of the adhesive and the optical properties of the substrate that the light is transmitted through.

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