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EQ HM18 Reactive Urethane Cartridge Dispenser

Legacy #: 2011543

Material/IDH#: 2011543

RoHS Compliance Status: N/A


EQ HM18 Reactive Urethane Cartridge Dispenser

Price: $2,469.57

Shipping Duration: 5 Business Day(s)

Product Description

The EQ HM18 Reactive Urethane Cartridge Dispenser is used to manually dispense dots or beads of Reactive Urethane adhesives packaged in 300 ml cartridges. The dispense temperature is set at 250F and the warm up time is 3-10 minutes. The system includes a pressure-regulating base; a cartridge to nozzle adapter; and a 2.5 mm nozzle with cap. 

Product Features:

  • Lightweight, well balanced, and ergonomically designed for operator comfort and application control.
  • Low actuation force to reduce finger fatigue.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Rugged molded thermoset plastic housing for "cool to the touch" operation.
  • Single cartridge loading.
  • Direct nozzle cartridge mounting for quick cartridge changeover.
  • Optional various nozzles for different dispense patterns. (See spare parts list). 
  • 120 VAC;  60 Hz. 400 watt 
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs  (2.9 Kg.)

Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
984261Standard Cartridge to Nozzle Adapter for 300 ml Cartridges$47.82
984263Adapter/Check Valve for Specialty Nozzles$29.77
984262Standard 1-Hole Nozzle, 0.098 inch (2.5 mm) Dia. Cone Tip, with Integral Check Valve ( Includes Protective Cap)$20.44
984264Needle Jet Nozzle Tip .051 inch diameter x 1.26 inch long (Requires 984263 Adapter)$72.41
984272Injection Needle Nozzle, w/Integral Check Valve, Tip = .059 inch diameter x 1.26 inch long$60.12