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EQ MX Mobile Mixer

Legacy #: 2717051

Material/IDH#: 2717051

RoHS Compliance Status: N/A


EQ MX Mobile Mixer

Price: $1,887.96

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Product Description

The Loctite® EQ MX Mobile Mixer is an electric motor driven pail mixing system compatible with various MRO protective coatings, grouts, and other products. The Loctite® EQ MX is specifically designed to mix 5-gallon, 3-gallon, and 2-gallon kits of product in a simple and efficient process. The EQ MX utilizes a rotating basket and a stationary mixing paddle which provides axial and radial action to the product. The mixing paddle scrapes the sides and bottom of the pail, causing the product to fold in on itself to provide a complete mix. With easy to swap out baskets and paddles as well as adjustable mix angles, the EQ MX will cater to dozens of mixing applications commonly encountered in the field.


Note: The EQ MX Mobile Mixer requires the purchase of 1 of the 4 accessory basket kits for operation. Basket kits are chosen based on the pail size and style of the product being mixed (see product selector chart for details).


Product Features

  • ½ HP electric motor
  • Easy to change baskets & mixing paddles
  • 60 RPM
  • 8” semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Variety of baskets and paddles
  • On-Off switch and fuse protection



  • Adjustable mix angles to ensure a uniform mix.
  • Mounted protected switch to prevent unnecessary damage.
  • Convenient for solo operation.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Interchangeable baskets and paddles allow for a variety of configurations from one system.
  • Properly sized baskets to prevent pail slipping during operation.


Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
2717475EQ MX 5 Gallon Metal Paddle$217.20
2717474EQ MX 2 Gallon Paddle$105.81
2717476EQ MX 3 Gallon Plastic Paddle$217.20
2717477EQ MX 5 Gallon Plastic Paddle$217.20
2717053EQ MX 2 Gallon Basket Kit 110V$439.97
2717054EQ MX 3 Gallon Basket Kit 110V$551.35
2717055EQ MX5 Gallon Metal Basket Kit 110V$551.35
2717056EQ MX 5 Gallon Plastic Basket Kit 110V$551.35

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