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EQ RC15 Pump Controller

Legacy #: 1880232

Material/IDH#: 1880232

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


EQ RC15 Pump Controller

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® EQ RC15 Pump Controller is designed for the precise control of the Compact Micro Pump Dispenser 1.0 (IDH # 1741601) (flow rate of 0.0012 - 1.48 ml/min) or the Compact Rotor Pump Dispenser 4.0 (IDH # 1196160)  (flow rate of  0.05 - 6.0 ml/min).

The product supply to the dispenser can be from any standard (100 PSI) fluid reservoir. Regulated compressed air and control signals are provided to the reservoirs through the EQ RC15. When dispensing into cylindrical bores is necessary, the Rotorspray (item # (97115) can be simply integrated in the system and operated via the EQ RC15 Pump Controller.

Product Features:

  • 3 Operation Modes: Quantity, Time, Start-Stop
  • Resistive Touch Screen with Intuitive Operation
  • Low Level Alarm for Syringe Dispensing
  • Integrates with the Electric Rotorspray (Item 97115). 

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