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EQ VA30 Jet Valve

Legacy #: 1850212

Material/IDH#: 1850212

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


EQ VA30 Jet Valve

Price: $8,944.58

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® EQ VA30 Jet Valve is designed for fluid dispensing in the electronics, industrial semiconductor and life science markets.  It is unlike any other jet valve on the market today because it employs a unique diaphragm technology.  Hard to dispense fluids can be dispensed reliably in volumes as small as 10 nanoliters.  The EQ VA30 Jet Valve is extremely fast and can dispense on-the-fly.  It can apply multiple drops-per-location at a speed up to 300 drops/sec.  The drops can be dispensed into areas with clearance as small as 300 um without contamination of the surface.  The EQ VA30 Jet Valve is suited for dispensing a wide range of fluids for a variety of applications.  To ensure best product compatibility, the fluid path is made from ceramic and stainless steel and the diaphragm is made of a highly fluorinated elastomeric material.


  • Up to 300 drops per second
  • Drops as small as 0.01 microliter
  • No fluid seals to clean or replace
  • Valve is field repairable, not necessary to return to factory for rebuild or repair.
  • Tungsten carbide or ceramic internal components for long life.
  • Must choose from one of three Nozzle Plates (purchased separately)
  •      75 micron diameter, IDH 1872279 or
  •      125 micron diameter, IDH 1871880 or
  •      200 micron diameter, IDH 1871874.   

NOTE:  Jet Controller (IDH # 1850211) must be purchased separately.

Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
1871875Diaphragm for EQ VA30 Jet Valve (5 pk)$1,110.81
1872538O-ring for EQ VA30 Jet Valve nozzle plate (10 pk)$242.02
1871876Feed Tubes for EQ VA30 Jet Valve (50 pk)$352.05
1871878Cleaning Kit for EQ VA30 125 micron Nozzle$614.37
1871877Cleaning Kit for EQ VA30 200 micron Nozzle$614.37
1874363Heater Repair Kit for EQ VA30 Valve$664.06
9724530 / 55 ml Syringe Air Line Adapter (2 pk) Note: barrels sold separately$48.18
1871879Cleaning Kit for EQ VA30 75 micron Nozzle$614.37

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