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EQ VA40 CA Volumetric Valve

Legacy #: 2333708

Material/IDH#: 2333708

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt-Non Electrical


EQ VA40 CA Volumetric Valve

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® EQ VA40 CA Volumetric Valve is a positive displacement metering valve designed for dispensing precise volumetric drops of cyanoacrylate adhesives (CA’s) with each cycle. Positive displacement dispensing is not influenced by variations in
pressure, time, temperature or adhesive viscosity therefore making the EQ VA40 an excellent choice for low to medium viscosity
drop applications where accuracy and precision are required. The innovative design allows for quick and reliable priming while also
minimizing the need for re-priming, and the robust sealing system provides a long dispensing life before a rebuild is needed.

Product Features

• Volumetric / positive displacement design provides
precise and consistent dispense quantity
• Dosing range, 1.5 – 6 microliters with adjustable stroke
• Cycle rate, 120/minute
• Long life seal design > 1 million cycles
• Quick and reliable priming
• Field repairable
• Compact design 1.5 inches (38mm) square by 7.0 inches (177mm) long
• Stackable configuration on 1.5 inches (38mm) centers
• Easily fed from a syringe or pressure reservoir

 Primary Applications:

• Cyanoacrylate adhesive drop/dot dispensing

• Flash Cure adhesive drop/dot dispensing

To dispense From a Syringe:

Elbow Fitting, ¼ NPT Male Luer: IDH # 698608
Stainless Steel Straight Adapter,316 Stainless Steel Reducing Adapter FNPT x MNPT, 1/8” x 1/16” Pipe Size – Pipe Fitting Granger # 20YZ96 Mfr. Model # 2-1 RA-SS
LOCTITE® Precision Air Regulator IDH # 855974

Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
2389012EQ VA40 Seal Kit$328.59
979721/4 inch O.D. Black Polyethylene PTFE Lined Fluid Feed Line Tubing (33 foot length)$183.70

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