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HST-8 Pump

Legacy #: 2246805

Material/IDH#: 2246805

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


HST-8 Pump

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Product Description

Henkel Corporation HST pumps are versatile, high quality, chemical metering pumps. Designed and manufactured by Henkel specifically for our chemical processes, the HST Pumps deliver accurate feed rates from less than 1 GPH up to 60 GPH. Henkel Corporation offers five models: HST-2, HST-5, HST-8, HST-25 and HST-60. All pumps are compatible with most Henkel Corporation Chemicals and are built to the high quality and reliability standards that are a trademark of Henkel Corporation

Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
2246822E-AP HST 5-8 Coupling Ferrule$32.45
2246809E-AP HST 5-8 Suction Valve$123.37
2246810E-AP HST 5-8 Discharge Valve$123.37
2246803E-AP HST 8 Diaphragm$92.52

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