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LOCTITE® EQ RB20 500 D-Series Dual Benchtop Robot

Legacy #: 2112252

Material/IDH#: 2112252

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


LOCTITE® EQ RB20 500 D-Series Dual Benchtop Robot

Price: $14,638.84

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® EQ RB20 500 D-Series Dual Dispensing Robot is a low-cost benchtop robot with 3-axis control with features and accessories that are custom tailored for adhesive dispensing processes.  This Robot is identical to the existing LOCTITE® 500D robot, except it has two independent working tables on the Y-axis creating an operating range for two parts at 250 x 500 x 100 mm (X,Y,Z).  It operates at 120 VAC or 220 VAC with a 24 VDC output signal.


  • Designed for adhesive dispensing.
  • Two Y-axis table slides for increased throughput.
  • Allows part load/unload on one slide, while the other slide is undergoing dispensing. 
  • Independent dispense on/off purge control button on front panel allows adhesive to be purged from a dispense valve to prevent curing or for aiding initial set-up.  Great for purging two-part materials that have a very short pot life.
  • Integrated solution - plug and play accessories.
  • Software utility program compensates for positional offsets when dispense needle tips or barrels are changed.
  • Teach Pendant program storage capabilities allows dispense program to be easily transferred from Robot to Robot.
  • Over-speed error indicator prevents Robot from traveling too fast during the execution of the program.
  • 100 programs, 4,000 points memory per program compact flash card.
  • Brush area function command allows the tip to "paint" a specifically designed area.
  • Shortcut keys for common tasks. 
  • Easily integrates with the LOCTITE® Needle Calibration Kit (#1569523) for precise dispense tip location.
  • A wide variety of mounting hardware is available.
  • Auto-switching power supply 95-132 VAC or 180-250 VAC. 

The Teach Pendant, dispensing equipment, cables and mounting hardware must be purchased separately.

Optional Camera and Programming Software is available for this Robot.  Each sold separately.

Please contact our Equipment Technical Information Department at 1-800-LOCTITE for assistance in selecting and purchasing integration equipment and accessories.


Please refer to the technical data sheet for more detailed technical specifications and additional information on robot accessories. Safety Upgrade: This unit is fully compliant with RIA (Robotics Industry Association) safety guidelines. Each Robot has an integral I/O connector for external light curtain (sold separately) or external E-stop integration.


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