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Loctite Diaphragm Valve, 2 mm Orifice

Legacy #: 97135 | Material/IDH #: 215846

Loctite Diaphragm Valve, 2 mm Orifice

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Product Description

The Loctite® Diaphragm Valve 97135 is a pneumatically activated dispense valve that utilizes a floating PTFE diaphragm. The valve can be mounted or hand held in conjunction with pressure-time dispense systems. The opening of the diaphragm takes place by pressurizing the internal single acting cylinder. Closure is achieved by spring force between cycles. It is suitable for use with acrylics and anaerobics, but not suited for cyanoacrylate products.

Item # 97135 is used with anaerobics up to 2500cPs.  Item # 97136 is used with anaerobic and thixotropic products up to 5000cPs


  • Modular design and floating diaphragm allow for easy cleaning or repair.
  • Cost effective valve for use with pressure-time systems.
  • Fail-safe spring assists closing of valve upon loss of air pressure.
  • Internal components are PTFE to prevent premature curing.
  • Flow rates can be increased with use of 3/8 inch feedline.
  • 2 mm orifice

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt-Non Electrical

Spare Parts

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97271Diaphragm Replacement Kit for 97135 / 97136; 25 pack$57.69
979721/4 inch O.D. Black Polyethylene Teflon Lined Fluid Feedline Tubing (33 foot length)$160.08


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