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LOCTITE® Posi-Link 10-50 Actuator

Legacy #: 98379

Material/IDH#: 756475

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt - Category 6


LOCTITE® Posi-Link 10-50 Actuator

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® Posi-Link 10-50 Actuator provides adhesive dispensing by effecting incremental movements of a piston and displacing programmable quantities of adhesive with syringe barrel or dual cartridge.  The Actuator consists of a remote dispense head tethered to the Actuator housing.

Click here for Product Description Sheet showing operating principle.

This Posi-Link 10-50 Actuator is to be used with Loctite® brand 10 ml., or 25 ml. pre-packaged syringe adhesives or 50 ml. pre-packaged, dual cartridges with a 1:1, 2:1, and 10:1 mix ratio for mounted and robotic applications. This Actuator can be used for all viscosities. 


  • Flexible orientation in any position.
  • Easily fits below an industrial workbench or wall mounts with brackets supplied to conserve benchtop space
  • Light weight remote dispense head has a positive link to actuator via a 7 foot tether, allowing ergonomic hand-held dispensing or mounting directly on robotic arms.
  • Easily attaches to syringe nest (sold separately) to accommodate alternate syringe barrel sizes
  • Adhesive pressure: Mechanically driven vs. traditional air pressure driven, eliminating risk of air infiltration into adhesive
  • Suck-Back: Prevents drip at end of dispense, and is mechanical driven vs. traditional air vacuum driven, eliminating risk of adhesive being sucked into the system.
  • See below for Video showing set-up and operation. 
  • For use with LOCTITE® brand, pre-packaged products only.

Technical Data:

  • Total Weight:  13 lbs.
  • Dispense Head Weight (including nest and optional pinch tube valve):  2.0 lbs.
  • Air Supply:  40 to 100 psi.
  • Posi-Link Electro / Mechanical Tether Length:  7 feet
  • Minimum Dispense Volume:  0.001 ml.
  • Maximum Dispense Rate:  0.4 ml/sec.

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989693Replacement Cylinder for 10-50 Posi-Link Actuator$679.27

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