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MM10 Dual Cartridge Dispenser 4:1 & 10:1 B Cartridges

Legacy #: 1633366

Material/IDH#: 1633366

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt - Non electrical


MM10 Dual Cartridge Dispenser 4:1 & 10:1 B Cartridges

Price: $5,679.39

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® MM10 Dual Cartridge Dispenser provides highly accurate control for applying drops or small beads of 2-part adhesives with a 4:1 & 10:1 mix ratio from "B" style cartridges.  This 50 ml Dual Cartridge Dispenser can be used as a stationary dispenser or can be integrated into LOCTITE® Precision Adhesive Dispensing Robots. 


  • Independent cartridge pressure and actuation controls to fine-tune adhesive flow rate
  • Light-weight design; able to be used on any LOCTITE® Precision Adhesive Dispensing Robots, excluding the 200D Benchtop Robot, or as a stationary applicator
  • Dispenses adhesives up to 200,000 cPs viscosities
  • System consists of three (3) additional components (each sold separately)
  • Anti-drip Valve; Item # 1444139 (500 pk) or # 1445944 (100 pk)
  • Static Mix Nozzle; Item # 1329200 (100 pk)
  • Replaced #1444133

Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
132920050 ml Mix Nozzle, (100) pack; Tapered Tip; 3.0 inch long; 3.2 mm I.D. 16 elements, 4:1, 10:1 mix ratio. B Cartridges$94.65
1445944Anti Drip Valve for 50 ml Dual Cartridge Dispenser (100 pk)$498.57
1444139Anti Drip Valve for 50 ml Dual Cartridge Dispenser (500 pk)$1,886.40

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