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Poppet Valve w/Delrin body & Bayonet fitting

Legacy #: 986300 | Material/IDH #: 218300

Poppet Valve w/Delrin body & Bayonet fitting

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Product Description

The 986300 Poppet Valve is a double acting dispense valve that is used to dispense medium to high viscosity anaerobic gasketing products and structural acrylics. It features a suck-back capability and can operate at fluid pressures up to 650 psi.

The valve body is made of a delrin material and has a bayonet style end cap fitting.  Since this material is typically used for high pressure dispensing of pastes, this valve is normally used in conjunction with a 986000 Pump-A-Bead II 850 ml Dispenser System , or a 98022 Cartridge Pusher and a 97101 Single Function Controller or 1022006 Multi-Function Controller.

Loctite 97113, 97114, 98009 and 98013 valves should be considered when dispensing low to medium viscosity adhesives.

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RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt-Non Electrical

Spare Parts

Item: Title: Price Add
986301Valve Rebuild Kit$194.46
999085Replacement Air Cylinder for Poppet Valves$385.73
9819941/4 Inch OD, Clear Nylon Fluid Tubing (33 foot length)$73.66
98406986300 Poppet Valve Mounting Bracket Kit$181.90


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$12.20 $243.94
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