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Positive Displacement Pump

Legacy #: 983330

Material/IDH#: 243343

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt-Non Electrical


Positive Displacement Pump

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Product Description

The 983330 Positive Displacement Pump features a patented sealless design. It is specifically designed to dispense LOCTITE® threadlockers and retaining compounds in rotospray applications with a high degree of precision. The dispense range capability of this pump is 0.02 - 0.4 cc. It has a modular design for easy maintenance. For rotospray applications, 

LOCTITE® 982880 4 Liter Gravity Feed Reservoir would normally be used with the 1026006 Digital Multi-Function Controller.

Click here for the Operating Manual that describes this Positive Displacement Pump in greater detail.

Pump need maintenance? Click here for our rebuild exchange program.

Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
983117Rotospray 9000 Pump Assembly$1,420.00
983116Rotospray 9000 Actuator Assembly$2,069.32

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