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Radiometer Dosimeter for UV LED and UVA & UVB light sources

Legacy #: 1390323 | Material/IDH #: 1390323

Radiometer Dosimeter for UV LED and UVA & UVB light sources

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Product Description

The Loctite UV A/B Radiometer Dosimeter is an industry first for measurement of Light Sources and LED Light Curing devices that emit in the UVA and UVB wavelengths. The flat response curve makes this Radiometer uniquely qualified to measure narrow band wavelengths of LED Light Curing devices.  The Radiometer Dosimeter can also be used with Curing Chambers, Conveyors, and Flood lamps.  This unit combines the all-in-one exposure, intensity measurement, and profile memory capability into one device.

Technical Data

  • Spectral measurement ranges: 
  •      Total Range:     280-405 nm
  •      LED Range:      320-395 nm
  • Intensity dose range:  5 mW/cm sq. to 20 W/cm sq.
  • Temperature range:  10 - 50 Deg C.
  • Accuracy:  Typically better than 6%.
  • NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Recommended calibration once every 12 months after unit is put into service.

See adapter listed in parts section below when using this Dosimeter with LED Spot Cure units or Visible Light curing units. This adapter allows for proper positioning of the curing source - both height offset and centerning onto the Radiometer Dosimeter so it is in the same position on the meter for every test measurement.

Replacement AC Charger / Adapter is # 8902888 - must be ordered from Equipment Services Department.

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant

Spare Parts

Item: Title: Price Add
1421420Adapter for Dosimeters 1265282 and 1390323 for CureJets$60.23
1403402Adapter for Dosimeters 1390323 or 1265282. For CL10 or CL25 LED Spot Cure System$68.80
2251337Adapter for Dosimeters 1265282 and 1390323 for CL32 Spot LED Light Sources$59.00


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