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Semi-Automatic Controller

Legacy #: 97102

Material/IDH#: 135550

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


Semi-Automatic Controller

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Product Description

 The semi-automatic controller has been designed for precision dispensing. The digital pressure display and digital time ranging from 0.04 to 99.9 seconds allows the operator to make pin-point accurate deposits when applying a wide range of fluids from low to high viscosity.

This controller can be interfaced with various different Loctite reservoirs and valves to make a complete dispensing system.

 The semi-automatic controller controls the selected dispensing pressure in the reservoir and the pneumatic operation of the dispense valve according to the selected dispensing time. The start signal for dispensing is provided by an external footswitch or fingerswitch. Error messages are shown on a digital display and are accompanied by an audible alarm.


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