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Spray Valve

Legacy #: 98520

Material/IDH#: 743155

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt-Non Electrical


Spray Valve

Price: $1,485.56

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® brand Spray Valve and Controller provide an effective solution for automatic spraying of non-flammable, low viscosity primers, accelerators, and activators up to 1200 cPs with high precision and long-term reliability. You can count on consistent performance over a wide range of operating conditions, giving you spray coverage consistency shot after shot. High performance design ensures effective control and the over-spray and positive valve shut-off virtually eliminates nozzle dripping.

Spray Valve Features:

  • High precision, short stroke, needle and seat design provides repeatable spray pattern performance.
  • Air pressure and stroke adjustment allow for a wide range of spray patterns.
  • Full stainless steel body and wetted parts provide long-term performance.
  • Standard 0.046 inch I.D. nozzle diameter provides consistent, round full-cone pattern.
  • Optional 0.014 inch and 0.028 inch I.D. nozzle kits available for lower spray pattern applications.
  • Can be used in stationary mounted, robotic, or handheld applications.
  • Includes mounting bracket # 985281.
  • This valve is most effectively controlled using the Loctite Spray Controller #1406023, (sold separately), providing digital pressure control of both on/off timing and atomization air.
  • Not to be used to apply adhesives or flammable products.

Spare Parts / Accessories

Item # Product Title Price Add
989268Spray Nozzle Kit; optional 0.014 Orifice. Fits 98520 Spray Valve$646.57
985281Bracket Mounting Kit for 98009, 98013, 1730181, 98520, or 98084 valves$85.78
989269Spray Nozzle Kit; optional 0.028 Orifice. Fits 98520 Spray Valve$646.57
989270Spray Nozzle Kit; standard 0.046 Orifice. Fits 98520 Spray Valve$659.10
989271Spray Valve Seal Kit; fits 98520 Spray Valve$208.56
989273Spray Valve Piston Repair Kit; fits 98520 Spray Valve$656.34
98095Elbow Fitting, 1/8 male NPT X Luer$77.62