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Syringe Finger Switch Assembly

Legacy #: 988896

Material/IDH#: 735225

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt - Category 9


Syringe Finger Switch Assembly

Price: $192.05

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Product Description

Syringe Finger Switch Assembly is an optional item that can be used with the Precision Syringe Dispenser, item # 97006; SD10 Digital Syringe, item # 1514629, or Digital Syringe Dispenser, item # 883976 .  This assembly includes adapter cable 1053227  and is required when using this finger switch with the Digital Syringe Dispenser.

Allows for finger actuation while holding the syringe barrel.  Great for eye-hand coordination for dispensing processes.

Accepts all sizes of syringes.  Click here for Syringe Kits.

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