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TEROSON® PowerLine II Air Cartridge Gun

Legacy #: 960304

Material/IDH#: 960304

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


TEROSON® PowerLine II Air Cartridge Gun

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Product Description

The Henkel TEROSON® PowerLine II air cartridge gun with integrated pressure gauge is a very powerful tool for dispensing one and two component direct glazing sealants from cartridges.  It ensures smooth action and allows for continuously variable adjustment of adhesive flow.  

This gun is designed for a 3:1 pressure ratio, meaning that the working pressure (indicated on the gun's pressure gauge) equals three times the input pressure. This feature makes sure that all 310 ml cartridges can be processed without any problems even in unfavorable conditions (e.g. cold nozzle cartridges).

Product Features:

  • Mechanical ram (rather than air pressure) is used to advance adhesive out of cartridge.
  • No air is introduced into the cartridge from the gun thus eliminating popping and sputtering of product while dispensing.
  • Integral air pressure gauge allows for better control of dispense rate.
  • High mechanical advantage (3:1) allows increased capability to dispense high viscosity pastes much faster.

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