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Time Controlled Shutter

Legacy #: 98420

Material/IDH#: 739982

RoHS Compliance Status: Not Determined


Time Controlled Shutter

Price: $1,699.48

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Product Description

The Time Controlled Shutter (P/N 98420) is designed to keep the UV light concealed to prevent and minimize exposure to personnel until required during a curing operation. This shutter is for use with the Loctite® 7411-S UV Flood System (P/N 98413; purchased separately). The shutter open time is controlled by a dial timer on the front of the unit mounted to the shutter assembly. The timer is set for the amount of time the shutter is to remain opened and expose the production part on the work surface to UV energy. The start push button is depressed and the UV cycle (time) begins. Once the programmed time expires, the shutter will automatically close.

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